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About Us

SuperUs is an Indian Tech OEM building connected Information Systems with innovative technology and smart devices. Our Intelligent Software Ecosystem unifies communication through Commercial-grade devices, SaaS and, Licensing models.

SuperUs Digital Signage simplifies communication to engage your customers with an innovative in-built CMS in your device. We go above and beyond to provide in-built CMS technology to help you get the most out of your devices. Shop low-cost, high-performance commercial display signages for your business today.

Our Story

Our aim is to design a seamless experience from start to finish using customized solutions, with a view to simplifying communication. With a portfolio that includes Digital Signages, E-ink Devices, and Payment Systems. We’re building self-sustainable devices capable of providing ease, agility, and performance to empower business.

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Contact us

Tel: 022 4604 6154

Mob: 88288 53000

SuperUs Digital Signage simplifies your business communication by providing innovative display solutions. We go above and beyond to offer high-performance commercial display signages for your business today.

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