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SuperUs is a global tech OEM/ODM with a core belief in making  technology accessible. Through localisation.

Headquartered in Mumbai, SuperUs manufactures devices for retail, transport, hospitals, and various business verticals to build a world where our devices are the default choice for everyday business needs.

Since the origin of humanity, innovation has led the way toward progress and civilization. SuperUs helps governments and businesses identify their potential and achieve their profitability goals. Our customers are changing the world, and we are empowering them by localising innovation.

Embracing Innovation

Globally, the west dominates over Innovation and new product development whereas the east dominates over mass production with a friendly ecosystem to support its cost advantages. When we look at India, we see customer needs that are yet to be converted into demands. The high import costs and lack of technology know how prevents us from mass manufacturing. Moreover, we have learnt to settle with what is available rather than what we need.

We at SuperUs, look forward to change this!

Manufacturing Facility 

We are reducing import dependency and meeting the unique needs of the Indian and International markets by Localising Innovation and providing value-added product line.

Capable of achieving 60% Localization

OEM & ODM for leading electronics brand

Capabilities for Innovation

Research & Development 

Pioneering solutions through NPD, innovating at the core for the Indian market

In-house Design and Assembly

Capability of designing and building all electronics and PCBs to cater to customers requirements

Full In-house Software Expertise

Writing our firmware, developing a comprehensive software ecosystem with a focus on localisation

Mass Manufacturing 

Operating through a 30,000 sq ft factory in Gujarat

Valuable Joint Partnership

E Ink Holdings Inc. is the market leader, pioneer, and innovator of

E Ink technology. SuperUs and E Ink partnership enables SuperUs to be the only Indian enterprise to sell display modules in India, establishing an unmatched authority in the industry.

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