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Built to replace conventional easel displays and wooden alternative stands with broader use cases and long-term ROI

Quality Products at Affordable Prices
Where Innovation
Meets Opportunity 

With the costly layer of CMS technology all gone from your devices, you make massive savings on each device. And you know what’s more?


You get a free subscription for the first year. This is too much of a good deal to let go

High-performance displays at an unbelievably low cost

Are you ready to scale your business!

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Aisle Display

Designed for durability, sophisticated look, and high performance

Ideal for high traffic areas in retail



Available in sizes and colours 

Totem Display

Showcase your digital content in eye-catching Totem Display for maximum exposure

Ideal for spotlight and open spaces

Stay ahead with an advanced Display Stand with brilliant visual solutions

Display Stand

Get your branding right in premium high brightness

Display Stand

Ideal for retail events and occasions

Built to last and made to deliver powerful performance in crowded high traffic areas

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Tel: 022 4604 6154

Mob: 88288 53000

SuperUs Digital Signage simplifies your business communication by providing innovative display solutions. We go above and beyond to offer high-performance commercial display signages for your business today.

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