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Online Cloud-Based CMS

Access through centralized location and manage multiple displays at once with a click of a button 

Offline Mobile-enabled CMS

Access through outlet visits by brand representative and quickly update from the mobile app without Wi-fi​

CMS bundled with digital signage device allows your customers to enjoy a one stop solution for all digital communication requirements

Made for Everyone

Content Management System to give your customers powerful software with customizations and a secure experience

SuperUs CMS provides a unique platform to captivate your audience with powerful visuals on YOUR terms. Adapt content through online remote access or mobile-enabled app with complete ease when you want, and how you want. Focus only on business performance and leave the safety of the software and hardware on us because we believe scaling is simple when you trust the best in business. 

Contact us

Tel: 022 4604 6154

Mob: 88288 53000

SuperUs Digital Signage simplifies your business communication by providing innovative display solutions. We go above and beyond to offer high-performance commercial display signages for your business today.

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